Our Brand New YouTube Channel!

Our Brand New YouTube Channel!

New Videos. New Brand

Are you an auditory and visual learner, or simply just prefer listening over reading? Well, today I’m pleased to introduce to you my…


This is something we’ve been talking about doing for years now, and I’m so excited that the time has finally come.

We’ve launched the channel with 5 videos to start, and we’ll be posting NEW videos every single week.

Yes, that’s right. EVERY WEEK!

It’s important that we’re sharing content that you want to know about, so be sure to comment on the videos you watch to let us know what further questions you have.

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You’ll also notice that the new channel is named Smartist University, just as our online school is named. We’re in the process of re-branding! Within the coming weeks you’ll notice everything slowly converting over to our new brand and short-form, SmartistU.

Be sure to follow us on our new channels:

Instagram @Smartist.U
Facebook @SmartistU
Twitter @SmartistU

Hope you love it! Comment and let me know. 😉

Happy Friday The 13th,


Jamie New Johnson

I started my career planning educational workshops with some of North America's top artist managers, then moved on to manage commercial radio and internationally touring artists independently. I'm addicted to learning and love sharing what I learn with you here.

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