The Music Business For Artist Managers & Self-Managed Artists E-Book

music business for artist managers book

In this e-book, you will learn:

  • The roles of each person in the business and how they relate to you as an artist or manager
  • Who they communicate with on a daily basis
  • What their fees are
  • What they look for in artists before working with them
  • How to contact and communicate with them
  • How to get on their radar
  • How to get signed by them
  • What their expectations are
  • How to DIY before they are ready to work with you

$19 USD

Plus, you will get

Step-by-step guide to releasing your next album
Step-by-step guide to getting your music on the radio
Step-by-step guide to going on tour
Detailed guide on how to register your songs for royalties

Book Contributors
  • Adam Kreeft, United Talent Agency
  • Adam Oppenheim, Stampede Entertainment
  • Alexa Shoenfeld, Live Nation Entertainment
  • Craig Laskey, The Horseshoe Tavern
  • Denny Carr, Open Road Recordings
  • Dondrea Erauw, Instinct Entertainment
  • Graham Tait, 93 The Peak
  • Grant Paley, Paquin Artists Agency
  • Janet Trecarten, 101 The Farm
  • Jason Manning, Z95
  • Jesse Mitchell, Kim Mitchell Tour Manager
  • Jodi Ferneyhough, CCS Rights Management
  • Joel Baskin, The Feldman Agency
  • Michael Donley, Streaming Café
  • Mike Campbell, The Carlton
  • Mike Rice, RPM Promotion
  • Paul Hinrichs, Spirit Bar
  • Paul Parhar, Flow 93.5
  • Peter Michael, 106 The Drive
  • Rob Murray, Jack FM
  • Ron Lopata, Warner Music Canada
  • Sam Pickard, Strut Entertainment
  • Sari Delmar, AB Co.
  • Steve, The Railway Club
  • Tim Des Islet, Noisemaker Management
  • Troy Arseneault, Talent Buyer

Along with a handful of contributors who chose to remain nameless from additional booking agencies, Universal, Sony, radio stations, and venues.

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artist management book
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The People

Chapter 2: Managers

Chapter 3: Agents

Chapter 4: Tour Managers

Chapter 5: Talent Buyers

Chapter 6: Record Label A&R

Chapter 7: Publicists

Chapter 8: Radio Promoters

Chapter 9: Radio Programmers

Chapter 10: Publishers

Chapter 11: Music Supervisors

Chapter 12: Getting Started Managing

Chapter 12 B: Album Releases

Chapter 12 C: Radio

Chapter 12 D: Touring

Chapter 12 E: Money

About the Author

Since 2011, Jamie has spent her career working in the artist management world managing artists, working with music associations, and working with artist management companies of JUNO and GRAMMY Award winning artists. She has independently co-managed internationally touring artists as well as launched a female pop artist into national success resulting in a Platinum-selling and radio chart-topping single.