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From managing artists to interviewing the top music industry executives – I share everything I learn to help you get started, get noticed and get signed. I’m learning a lot and so will you.

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Ultimate Guide to Starting an Artist Management Company

This guide covers what a manager is, what day-to-day activities a manager does, good and bad characteristics, how to become a manager, how to find artists to manage, what to do once you've started, and more.

Artist On-Boarding Checklist

So you've just started working with a new client, and have no idea what you need to gather from them? This is a 4 page document outlining everything from passport info to song registrations.

5-Point Booking Email Template

Learn 5 things to keep in mind before you begin writing your email, 5 points to include in your email, what to do if you’re totally new to a market (or new entirely), what to do after you’ve sent your email, and what NOT to do.

Album Release Plan Template

You don’t have a publicist so you (the manager) are doing it; or you don’t have a manager, so you (the artist) are doing it. There is no one way to doing anything in this industry – and like shoes, one size doesn’t fit all, but this plan will get you started.

Bieber + Rihanna Album Release Strategies

Do you want to release an album like the biggest celebrities do? These breakdowns show what exactly was released to the public and when.

Music Business Plan Template

The true value of a business plan is the work that goes into creating it. You’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your company, but there are undoubtedly some areas you haven’t even considered. A business plan helps you find the pieces you’re missing and put everything together to create the finished puzzle.

Artist Management Agreement

An actual, real life, management agreement example!

DIY Radio Promotion Guide

Hiring a radio promoter is pretty expensive, and getting one to rep you in the first place can also be tough. This guide shows you how to be your own radio promoter.

Album Marketing Budget

Be prepared, know all the items you need to spend money on for your next album release, including the various costs associated with recording, content development, artwork, marketing, promotion, distribution, and more.

Cashflow Tracking - Forecasts vs. Actual

The cashflow forecasting sheet is arguably the most important spreadsheet you can have. It helps you forecast an entire year ahead, so that you can plan accordingly. After each month passes, fill in what you actually earned and spent, so that you can understand how to forecast better in the future.

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