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From managing artists to interviewing the top music industry executives – I share everything I learn to help you get started, get noticed and get signed. I’m learning a lot and so will you.

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The Vault

The Vault

Formerly known as the Artist Management Toolkit, THE VAULT is new, improved, and BEEFED the F up.


The 100+ most important systems, plans, templates, and guides you need to start and run your music management business operations.

> Setup your internal administration.

> Fast track your music industry knowledge.

> Bank your hard-earned money.

> Prepare for your tours.

> Organize your recordings and distribute them like the labels do.

> Become an instant music marketing professional.


>> Launch your music management operations over night.

For real…



*Shipped directly to your email inbox
*100% money back guarantee from date of shipment! We promise.
*Includes 100+ templates & guides
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Hi, I’m Jamie!

Since 2011, I’ve spent my career planning artist management workshops, developing artist management educational materials, managing artists, and working with artist management companies of JUNO and GRAMMY Award-Winning artists. I’ve independently co-managed artists with film and television placements, radio chart-topping hits, international tours, and launched a female pop artist into success resulting in a top 10 hit on Top 40/CHR radio and a Platinum-selling single. In 2013 I started the blog SmartBandManagement.com to help give back some of my knowledge to people like you, and it is now being read in over 180 countries!

Aside from helping artists make their dreams come true, I’m obsessive about organization and systems. I’ve been creating systems, protocols, plans, spreadsheets, templates, and documents for 15 years and have implemented them into my own business and the businesses of artists and companies that I’ve worked with over the years.

Now, I’m giving you the opportunity to have them all.

Jamie New Johnson


I worked with Jamie for almost two years. She was really organized and detail oriented. She was able to help us re-structure and create solutions for our inefficiencies. She is super passionate about music, an awesome writer and amazing at keeping things organized. With such a small team, she made it possible to keep track of important dates, interviews, and content pieces. She was also great at suggesting and utilizing analytics programs and social tools! It was wonderful to work with Jamie and we would love to work with her again in the future. Her organization skills and assertive attitude make her an excellent artist manager!

– Lindsay Hyslop, Open Road Recordings/Top Country (Toronto/Nashville)


This is for you

The artist manager

You’ve recently become an artist manager, you’re interested in becoming a manager, or you have been for a while and want to enhance your operations. You want to be prepared with all the right plans and documents to run your business efficiently and manage your artists successfully.

The artist entrepreneur

You are creating your dream life, working on your songs and perfecting your performances. You want someone to hand you everything that will take (some) of the frustration out of developing the business side of your dream life.

The marketer

You are responsible for your music release plans and your online presence. You want to know what to do, how the experts do it, and how to get results. You work in the music business in some capacity and are hoping to one day work at a record label or own your own. You want to know what it takes to create, release, market, promote, and distribute an album.


You can no longer afford to wing it

> Why waste weeks, months, and years of your time painfully crafting excel sheets that you’ve never used before, or worrying that you don’t know enough about the music business to even get started?

> No need to search the Internet for hours trying to find each form you need or wondering aimlessly day-to-day what you need to run your business efficiently.

> From collecting royalties, to managing cash flow, to signing management contracts, each item in The Vault is included to start you off on the right foot and keep you running for years to come.

Implement our systems and enhance your business fast


1. Setup your internal administration

Start Up Expense Budget
Income Statement Template
Invoice Template
Marketing Budget Template
Personal Budget Template
Purchase Order Template
Monthly Revenue Template
Motivation Worksheet
Self-Assessment Sheet
Objectives Sheet
Competition Analysis

Accounts Receivable Template
Accounts Payable Template
Researching Location & Equipment Template
Market Research Template
Marketing Start Up Template
Industry Trends Template
Marketing Calendar Template
Service Record Template
Music Business Plan Template
Partnership Agreement Template

Contract Templates
Personal Net Worth Template
Personal Expenses Template
Opening Balance Template
Monthly Expenses Template
Income and Expenses Template
Cash Flow Template
Annual Profit and Loss Template
Contact Directory Template
Daily Bookkeeping Template
Time Management Guide


2. Get started and fast track your music industry knowledge.

Where do I start? I have zero knowledge!
Ultimate Guide to Starting & Building An Artist Management Company
Artist Management Contract Template
Publisher Agreement Template
List of Best Resources
The Artist Cycle

Artist On-Boarding Checklist
Industry Guide: Managers
Industry Guide: Agents
Industry Guide: Tour Managers
Industry Guide: Publicists
Industry Guide: Radio Promoters
Industry Guide: Radio Programmers

Industry Guide: Record Labels
Industry Guide: Publishers
Industry Guide: Supervisors
Industry Guide: Media
Industry Guide: Promoters
Industry Guide: Buyers
Industry Guide: Not For Profit Associations


3. Bank your hard-earned money.

Royalties 101 Guide
Revenue Streams Guide
Grants Database (For Canadians) Guide


4. Prepare for your tours.

5 Point Artist Booking Email Template
Asset Inventory Template
Booking Advance Sheet Template
Merchandise Revenue Tracker
Merchandise Sales Register Template
Tour Budget Template
Tour Itinerary Template

Tour Reference Notes Template
How to plan your first tour
International Buyers attention
Stage Plot & Input List Template
Set List Template
Run Sheet Template
Personnel Sheet Template


5. Organize & distribute your recordings like the labels do.

Song Master Metadata Template
Album Budget Template
Label Copy Template
Lyric Sheet Template
Songwriter Split Sheet
Producer Agreement Template
Song Data Sheet Template

Distribution Explained
Canadian Content/MAPL/CCD Funds
ISRC and UPC Codes
Shipping Cost Matrix
Inventory Sheet


6. Become an instant music marketing professional.

Single Release Plan Template
Album Release Plan Template
Example Release Plans – Celebrities
DIY Radio Promotion
Photograph Release
One Sheet Template
Radio Formats

Social Media Marketing for Artists
Client Marketing Overview Template
Annual Themes Template
Idea Stash Template
Editorial Calendar Template
Posting Calendar Template
Links and Passwords Template

Hashtag Research Template
Social Work Log Template
Social Calendar Template
Streaming Promotion Report Template
Streaming Playlist Target Sheet
Email Sign Up Sheet
Artist Audience Report Template


*Shipped directly to your email inbox
*100% money back guarantee from date of shipment! We promise.
*Includes 100+ templates & guides

PLUS! Extended file updates.

For the next year, anytime we update a file, you will instantly receive the updated version at no cost!


– 100+ FILE DOWNLOADS = $10,000 in human hours

– FREE E-BOOK = $15


Purchase Details

Enjoy a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.
From the date you receive the downloads
, contact us within 30 days and we will send you a full refund. And you can still keep all the files. No questions asked. 😉

No shipping costs.
Instant downloads to your computer.
Must have Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

Payment Options
We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal.

If you are in Canada and are a Member of your Provincial Music Industry Association, you are eligible for a 30% discount! Please contact your membership services contact for the discount code.

Your business needs systems and plans. You already know you can’t keep winging it.


*Shipped directly to your email inbox
*100% money back guarantee from date of shipment! We promise.
Jamie New Johnson

I started my career planning educational workshops with some of North America's top artist managers, then moved on to manage commercial radio and internationally touring artists independently. I'm addicted to learning and love sharing what I learn with you here.

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