From Blog to Online School

From Blog to Online School


I can honestly hardly friggen believe it.

It’s been a long and extremely challenging 5 years since the day I started Smart Band Management.

It’s also been an extremely rewarding, meaningful, and exciting 5 years.

I remember the beginning like it was yesterday.

I was a newer independent artist manager – struggling to find information online not just about artist management but about the music industry in general.

The information I was finding, wasn’t exactly helpful in the way that I wanted it to be. It was more about concepts and history than it was about actionable step by step guidance.

At the same time, I was getting more and more curious about this thing called “blogging”, so I started researching how to start a blog so that I could share what I was learning with other people who were in the same position as me, or perhaps a few steps behind.

What’s that quote? If you can’t find it, create it yourself?

Everything I’ve created – from the first article I wrote, to the new products I’m currently working on and everything in between – is something I wished I had when I first started.

It’s my way of giving back to the people I understand the most. People like you.

So by May of 2013, I had my website up and running with the first few articles posted.

By the time I figured out how to get Google Analytics set up, I was all excited to see my first 11 website visitors.

I’ll never forget that feeling. I was literally smiling from ear to ear because I thought it was the coolest thing ever that I had even just one person look at my website (even if it was just family).

It has been a crazy ride since then.

With the help from a lot of important people, including you reading this, we’ve now had over 155,000 website visitors from every country in the world.

We’ve grown from sporadic articles here and there – to a full blown online school.

Like I said, I can hardly friggen believe it.

I pulled together a bunch of exciting stats for you to read, but I won’t get into it right here, because it’s way more fun if you check out our

5-Year Recap Infographic of the History of Smart Band Management.

Thanks for being here, and cheers to another 5 Years (under our new name, Smartist University)!

Jamie New

I started my career planning educational workshops with some of North America's top artist managers, then moved on to manage commercial radio and internationally touring artists independently. I'm addicted to learning and love sharing what I learn with you here.

  • Carlos Huey
    Posted at 18:48h, 04 May Reply

    So, are you phasing this domain name out and now using the new

    • Jamie New Johnson
      Posted at 08:15h, 10 May Reply

      Yes still phasing it out but it will eventually re-direct to!

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