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Artist Management


Welcome to your #1 go-to source on Artist Management!

If you’re looking to learn more about managing artists and bands, building an artist management company, or learning more about the music business in general, this website is for you. Entering the world of artist management doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This page will help you get your feet off the ground and get up to speed quickly with the basics of artist management.

What You Can Expect

  1. Free advice on music business topics
  2. Interviews featuring managers of JUNO and GRAMMY award winning artists
  3. An inside look at celebrity album releases
  4. Extensive free resources on various areas of the music business
  5. Instant downloadable e-book

What Smart Band Management Is NOT

This website is not an artist management company in itself, nor will it solicit artist management for you. This website is strictly a platform for providing artists and managers (or aspiring managers) with the tools needed to move forward in their careers effectively.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re new to this website, or to artist management, the following articles are great resources to get up to speed quickly. To clear any confusion, “artist management”, “music management”, and “band management” essentially all mean the same thing and will be used interchangeably on this site.

In this quick guide you will learn:

  1. What an artist manager is
  2. What an artist manager does
  3. How to become an artist manager and find artists to manage
  4. What to look for in an artist
  5. How to start an artist management company

What Is An Artist Manager?

The artist manager, in the most simplest terms, is the middle person between the artist and the rest of the world. The artist manager collaborates with the artist on everything. You help them build their team, and continue to manage that team into the future, while the artist drives the bus. Artist managers wear many hats, whether they’re asked to or not.

Read the full ‘What Is A Band Manager?‘ article.

What Does An Artist Manager Do?

1. Find Clients to Manage

Assess talent, credibility, and reputation. Determine market potential and negotiate a contractual relationship.

2. Develop Career Strategies for the Artist/Band

Develop artist’s creative vision, guide them through the industry, set goals, draft business and marketing plans, pursue record deals and agency representation.

3. Oversee Marketing and Publicity

Work with the artist and creative teams to develop new bios, photos, EPK (electronic press kits), websites, and advertising materials.

4. Oversee Performance Bookings and Tours

Work with booking agents and promoters/presenters/venues to draft tour routings, book shows and tours. Develop touring strategies, book engagements, develop itineraries, manage tour budgets, draft and review contracts and develop promotional materials.

5. Gain Funding

Search for sources of funding such as grants, loans, investments and sponsorships. Negotiate agreements and show advances. Read more about funding for Canadians here.

6. Oversee Production of Music, Videos, Merchandise

Develop a production team, location, goals, schedule, costs, timelines, and artwork. Oversee and assist with decisions on final products.

7. Oversee Single, Album and other Product Releases

Develop release strategies, branding, and dates. Cultivate fan bases oversee execution of releases with follow up tracking and measuring.

8. Oversee Music Publishing

Register songs and publishing rights, negotiation publishing agreements, work with publisher on new strategies.

How To Become An Artist Manager

1. Educate yourself
2. Become a student manager
3. Make friends
4. Get involved with radio
5. Promote events or work at a promotion company
6. Help a friend
7. Go to lots of live shows, attend music conferences and festivals
8. Work at or owned a recording studio
9. Be friends with artists
10. Get suggestions from another artist you’re already managing
11. Get introductions from industry friends
12. Get suggestions from a booking agents
13. Work at a concert promotion company
14. Own a concert promotion company
15. Working with/for artists/managers

Read the full ‘12 Ways To Discover And Sign Artists To Management‘ article.

What To Look For In An Artist/Band

1. Originality
2. Talent
3. Determination and Hard Work
4. Trust
5. Communication
6. Reputation
7. Existing Success
8. Aligned Vision

Read the full ‘Artists: 8 Things That Will Help You Get A Manager‘ article.

How To Start An Artist Management Company

1. Make sure you want to start an artist management company
2. Have people, relationship, and business skills
3. Be dedicated to your artists careers
4. Be a creative problem solver and fast/smart decision maker
5. Have patience
6. Build your artist roster
7. Negotiate contracts (read more about contracts)
8. Don’t quit your day job just yet
9. Create a business plan (subscribe for our free music business plan)
10. Build your knowledge and your network
11. Make a name for yourself
12. Be organized (read more about documents)
13. Hire an accountant
14. Hire an entertainment lawyer

Read more about how to start an artist management company here.